Your design questions for fundraising calendars answered

Are you a bit worried about your design for your fundraising calendars? Are you not sure of some of the important aspects of calendar printing? If you are still not confident about your fundraising calendar even up until now, do not worry. I am going to answer all of your design questions for you. Do not let one of the best fundraising ideas for projects fail on you. So learn what you can with the items below. Hopefully these answers can help you out.

• How big should my calendars be? – To answer this question, you should know who you are selling your calendars to. Generally, if you are targeting everyone, a large wall calendar is a good design template to use. However, if you want to sell to business people or even executives and other professionals only, sometimes a smaller desk calendar format is more useful to them. For a much more younger crowd, you might even want to print even smaller pocket calendars that can be helpful and mobile. So it all really depends on who you are selling to really, but if you are unsure, the large wall calendar is the most common option that you can be safe at for your custom calendar design.

• How big should the images be? – Of course, the whole appeals of custom calendars are its images. The best size for the images in your color calendars is typically around two-thirds or one-fourth of the whole calendar setup. This maximizes the impact of the images, while of course still making your calendars look useful. Of course, take note that your images should be in high resolution and fully enhanced to get the most out of the effect.

• Full color? Spot Colors? Or Black and White? – The simple answer to this is full color. While you might save a lot of money printing your calendars in black and white, or using spot color printing, you won’t get to sell a lot of these fundraising calendars if you do not go for full color printing. So always invest in full color calendar printing if you really want to raise funds using them. Believe me, the whole investment will return several fold on you. People like seeing full color images in custom calendars, and have no interest for less than that.

• What are the best fonts styles for calendars? – The best font styles to use in calendar printing are the simplest ones. Sans serif fonts, the ones typically used in headlines are best preferred simply because they are easy to understand and easily adaptable to many design themes. Never use too intricate font designs since this will just make the calendar hard to understand, and that is something you do not want to do.

• What is the best calendar configuration to sell calendars? – The best configuration to sell calendars is basically the wall tear off calendar. These are the calendars that are set to be posted on walls, with large image covers and of course tear off month pages. This has all the important useful features of a traditional calendar and the impact of those full image calendars. If you have a standard fundraising campaign task before you and you need to sell to a general audience this is the best configuration that you should use. If you want more specific audiences however, then that will be the time to use other configurations that might be more apt.

Great! Hopefully now, your main questions have been answered when it comes to designs for fundraising calendars. Try to remember these tips and apply them to your own color calendars.

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