Why Parents Are Not Satisfied with Online Learning?

Quality Education- The biggest concern of parents     

 With the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic, an extensive and impressive shift in the educational sector was witnessed. The physical classes and education presence were shifted entirely on the online platforms. However, the online learning programs have been running since 2001 but were not the only source of learning before Covid-19.

Everything happens for a good cause-With E-Learning as a mandatory requirement, it gives every school, student, and parent a chance to know about the wonders of this platform. This platform is considered to be a modern way of learning in the world of technology and is highly recommended for students searching for high-level education with the feasibility of time.

However, it is challenging to adopt the new earning method by all the concerned parties. Despite the long-list advantages, parents are still not satisfied with online learning.

Here are a few reasons which make the parents Unsatisfied with online learning;

Students hesitate 

Most educational institutions have started relying entirely on virtual teaching platforms. They expect students to read the material provided, watch the videos given ad print the material that is uploaded for the cause of learning.

However, this practice of educational institutions is making the parents unsatisfied because, with too much material provided, students think that if they still ask for questions or help from their teacher, they might judge them. This thought of judges don’t let the student ask for help; because of this, primarily students fail their assessments. The act of shyness may also lead to long-term repercussions for their studies.

Parents can play their part to overcome this problem. 

Parents themselves can help their children with this problem. Parents should provide students with practice-based questions regularly so that parents can;

  • Know the part where the child is facing a crisis.
  • Boost up the confidence level of their child for the exams with daily practice

Environmental distraction 

Studying at home might be challenging, as homes give a child a comfortable and cosy environment. After every few minutes or hours, the child will feel like quitting studies and taking a quick nap. Or, when a child is studying virtually, the home environment might distract him with the presence of the things of his interest.

Parents Should play their part in eliminating environmental distractions.

Parents should eliminate all the environmental distractions from where their children usually sit to study. Also, apart from the ecological distraction, students start using their gadgets for checking out their social media platforms, so parents should keep a strict eye on their children to avoid such distractions.

Investments in resources

Online learning requires proper gadgets along with the portable internet. However, this is considered a challenging issue. Still, most families’ most concerning issues are raised against limited resources concerning the number of children they have as e-learning is taking the lead on every education level so whether it’s’ a 2nd grader or a high school student, both will have the exact requirement for online learning resources.

However, parents cannot be unfair with their kids; every child’s education is equally important. Neither parent can buy a separate gadget for each child. 

Parents should plan everything accordingly.

Parents should go through their budget, and if they have a little space for some other expenses in hand, they should buy a reasonable or used device for e-learning. Also, if parents can still not bear the costs, they should allocate time for each child to get their hands on the gadget.

Lack of personal guidance  

Every student has their own abilities, which is why many students face problems getting into a few subjects. This makes the students urge severe for personal guidance. However, many students look to Pay Someone to Take My Online Class, while others sit back with zero motivation towards their studies.

Parents should get involved.

Parents should find out ways to keep their children engaged in their studies. If they need a personal touch to help them overcome such problems, you should be there to discuss their issues and how to overcome them.  

Excessive sitting time 

Another drawback of online learning is that students spend their entire time sitting when learning. However, the physical classes at campus allow the students to take a short break after each class. That break comprises chilling time with peers or munching on your favourite snacks. Moreover, sitting for an excessive time is also not suitable for a student’s health; this makes the concern more severe for the parents. 

Parents should keep track.

Students are at home when learning through online platforms, which means they are with their parents most of the time. Hence, it proves that only parents can help the child take quick breaks between the long classes and quizzes. Parents should consider that their child has some rapid stretching too.

Mental Health is being affected. 

According to (Dhawan S. (2020)), mental health is highly affected due to online learning. Online earning lacks the physical presence of peers and teachers, which is why students feel isolated and left out, which affects their mental health badly. Many students are in such bad shape that they cannot even take any other online classes and call to “take my online class for me“, although it is a terrific option, students need to become mentally stable.

Parents should keep their doors open. 

Parents should always keep such a bond with their children that they can come to them for every issue. In addition, the parents should keep a dialogue box open to speak his heart about his feelings. As said, “discussing resolves the issues”, so be a good listener for your child that would help him stay away from the effect of isolation.

However, on the other side of the book, the benefits of online cases won’t be limited to the child. Although, parents who are putting their 100% effort to make their child jump all the hurdles of online learning will also be benefitted from the platform of online learning.

Help your child today! Because they are the ones who will become your most robust support in future. It’s always a matter of giving and taking.


Dhawan, S. (2020). Online learning: A panacea in the time of COVID-19 crisis. Journal of Educational Technology Systems49(1), 5-22.

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