Vegetables For Facial Healthy

Some girls try to change their hairstyle and facial make-up to look different to their face outline. But through what we eat daily, we can make it easily and healthy.

Spinach is rich in vitamin A and vitamin C. However, we must pay special attention to the way of cooking it. The fresh spinach is pretty easy loss of nutrition materials. The spinach also contains a lot of beta – carotene and iron and vitamin B6, Folic acid, excellent source of iron and potassium. Rich iron on iron deficiency anemia improvement and ruddy, shine, was praised for her gifts.

Pea vine
Green broccoli containing quite rich nutrition in it, which of course be beneficial to eliminate the edema of potassium and broccoli can also strengthen the effect of chewing. They are both nutritional value and high quality food activities to promote oral. You can also try the ground and Sugar Pea coat the skin, remove the skin oils, make skin smooth, prevents the summer sun tan.

Carrots are nutritious. Many people don’t like something to eat in childhood. But do you know? Carrot with little face efficacy of every morning to drink a cup of freshly squeezed honey carrot juice, and her beauty, oh! Carrots rich in vitamin skin metabolism, promote blood circulation, and so delicate skin smoothing, and ruddy have unique role with the United States. At the meanwhile, the carrot is suitable for skin dry and rough skin problems.

Celery with the nutritive value and function of promoting oral activities, and most easily simply eaten raw, celery are very delicious and healthy food. Celery and women boudoir honey, celery relatively high iron content, can add women’s menstrual bleeding losses, food can avoid skin is pale and dry lusterless complexion and lustrous eyes hair shiny black.

Natto is one of the necessities of daily breakfast in Japan. Although there are many young people don’t like the taste of natto, but rich in potassium natto can be said that the Japanese health and longevity food.

Over the past few years, Japanese medical scientists, Physiology Research Learning and soybean protein has not dissolved, and when natto and soluble amino acids and raw materials in various kinds of enzyme does not exist because of Bacillus natto and correlation of bacteria help gastrointestinal digestion and absorption.

Potatoes can be very good for skin and can be perfect maintenance of efficacy of face. Fresh potato juice directly applied in the face, and whitening effect is very significant. Sliced potato application on the face, with beauty and skin care, reduce wrinkles good results. Strong young man skin greasy secrete, often affected by acne, acne problems with cotton touched Fresh potato juice affected part can solve this problem.

Potatoes contain vitamin C. People are more easily to face with depression, frustrated, insecurity problem of negative emotions as living in such a busy world. Food can influence the sentiments of the people. The minerals and nutrients potatoes contain can be used in human bodies, improving mental state.

To eat right can help us a lot in keeping healthy and keeping fit. Just have a try, and to find how it works.

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