What are your values, and how would you describe them?

Your values are the qualities of your life and career that you perceive to be valuable. Your values determine your priorities, but they’re usually the signs you use to decide whether or not your life is going the way you want it to. 

When your actions and attitudes reflect your values, life is typically excellent — you’re satisfied and fulfilled. Yet, when these do not match your values, everything disappears.

 Ways Values Can Help You

If you realise it or not, values exist. When people identify their values – and make plans and actions that mirror them – life can be much simpler. The Values are usually pretty constant, but there are no clear boundaries or restrictions. Also, your values will change as you move through life. For instance, when you first start your career, success – which is measured by money and fame – might be your top priority. But, once you have a family, job balancing is more important to you.

Your values develop as your perception of success changes. Therefore, staying committed to your values is a lifelong commitment. You must check this regularly, particularly if you felt uncomfortable… and just can’t seem to figure out how and why.

Values help us grow and shape the future we need. It reflects our values in the decisions we make daily. Our parents and family members instil most of our values in us. Our social and cultural values influence family values. 

Gaming Your Values

Once you identify your values, you must understand what is truly valuable to you. Playing Arya Play card games is an amazing way to reflect on your life and remember moments when you felt superb and confident that you were making the right decisions.

Find and Select Your Core Values

Arya Play card games convey fundamental connections that offer a deep look at oneself. Individual values describe the way we live our lives and also what we value in our personalities. A person values include passion, originality, honesty, and a feeling of happiness.

When you play this game with your friends and family, you will realise what they value the most and how to encourage them. Arya Play is the best couple card game in which you and your partner will understand more about each other through a meaningful conversation. Relationship values reflect how we communicate with others in our lives, such as friends, family, instructors, bosses, and so on. Relationship principles include openness, trust, generosity, and concern for others.

Whenever a group of individuals opens the deck and play the game, the true values of each person in the tribe are unveiled. Those values represent how we interact with others. Justice, freedom, respect, community, and accountability are features of social values. Arya Play game framework helps you identify and prioritise the values you have so far considered important in your life and also those values you aspire to hold, eventually.

Here are some values that I believe we need to see more of:


Empathy is defined as the ability to understand and share another’s feelings. People must be able to see and accept the differences between themselves and others. Our ultimate objective should be to concentrate on how we can all grow together.


For all of us, mutual respect is a need. It defines us as human beings. Respect for everyone, regardless of our differences, is necessary for society to work well.


We don’t feel such a need to hurt people when we have love in our hearts. Love helps us recognize our connections rather than our differences in colour, religion, or gender.


Loyalty is a quality that bonds us to someone, something, or a feeling. We do not betray each other when we are faithful. If we all had a sense of loyalty, it would help us generate the energy we need to fight something that challenges our society.


Accepting oneself is one sort of honesty in life. You can accept your weaknesses and take the steps to improve yourself if you are honest with yourself. When we can confess our flaws, it makes it easier for others to admit theirs. Finally, we may all assist one another in becoming better people.

Values are attractive; if you live by them, many others, especially our children, will as well. Hopefully, with much more practise from all of us, future generations will find the world to be a better place.

The Value Game highlights some of the most basic and distinctive values that will help in every individual’s development and growth. The game is deep – it reflects values instilled and taught across ages, cultures, genders, and life circumstances, helping in making decisions that reflect those values.

Visit Arya Play to know more about the value game and ways of playing the game. The more you play, the more you learn.

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