Garden Compost Bins

All the garden and household waste can be used for the successful growth of the plants in the garden by creating a tidy compost bin in a corner of the backyard. Vegetable gardens do not require much compost dug. By simply mixing the compost on the soil in and around the plants, organic nutrients get generated thereby making the soil more fertile.

The half decomposed compost acts like a sponge on the soil and retains the food and moisture for the plants and flowers. The soil humus provides sufficient air and drainage for the plants to grow. The animal manures are used for compost in villages. However, in the city gardens, organic materials can be used in order to avoid the bad smell.

Vegetable wastes like leaves, coffee grounds, egg-shells, banana skins and garden clippings are used under garden composting method. The compost will have all ingredients and becomes the best additive for the soil in the garden. There are different types of bins used like worm bins and pest free containers under this method.

In order to keep the compost moist and warm, black color bins are used to avoid the heat from the sun. If the contents going into the compost pile are small, then the compost will become ready for use much quicker. In the case of larger contents, it may take more than a year to break down in normal conditions.

Using the vermi composting system is one of the popular ways of composting the garden. Under this method, the specialized worms eat and break down the kitchen and garden waste. A special type of bin is used wherein the worms live in while breaking down the wastes which are food for them. Vermi composting requires little physical effort unlike the other forms of composting wherein large quantities of wastes are to be moved to the compost.

Garden compost bins reduce the waste material that goes into trash collection and produce fertile materials that can be used in the gardens. Thus it saves the cost of buying fresh compost and fertilizer outside.

There are ready made plastic type compost bins with Square and round shapes. These are not suitable as they lack the requisite strength. Pre-cut wooden kits are used to make square bins which lasts for many years. These bins are quite useful and attractive. There are also barrel type bins that rotate regularly to make the compost much faster. This is very expensive. Bins are even made from the old wooden pallets by cutting them to half lengths and nailing together.

As the composting takes longer time of more than 6 months, multiple bins are always preferable because once the first container is full, then we require another bin to start filling.

The price and the size are the prime consideration while choosing a garden compost bin. It would be wise to use a smaller container when there is not much debris to put into. A spinning compost barrel is the quickest way to produce garden compost.

How to make compost

Composting is an art. The right composting method with the best accessories can turn your field or garden a highly fertile one. You can check it out the professional guide on composting for very useful tips, cost effective composting solutions and buy the cheapest and best composting equipment here

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