Kitchen Compost Bins

Composting the kitchen scraps is the best way to cut down the trash/wastages generated in our day-to-day cooking activities at home. This provides some good organic materials for the plants in the house and in the gardens. In the compost kitchen container, we should have proper mix of green and brown organic materials. Green materials give nitrogen and the brown materials provide carbon for the plants. The ideal combination of both green and brown materials creates quality compost.

The dirty odor coming out from the kitchen composters can be eliminated by putting all the contents into the compost pile every day and washing the composters with soap water. A tight lid can also be used to prevent the bad smell.

Coffee ground, egg-shells, fruit and vegetable peels, tea bags and weeds are some of the organic kitchen scraps that can be put into the kitchen composters. Meat, bones and dairy products are to be avoided in Kitchen composters as they will cause odors and attract animals.

The kitchen compost bins are portable and ideal for short term storage of kitchen compost. Many types of kitchen composting bins are available like tumblers with a stand and a handle for rotation. The kitchen compost bin is used to ferment the kitchen scraps into compost indoors.

There are three basic types of Kitchen compost bins. Temporary storage bin means that the materials will be moved outside after a short storage period. The second type is fully composting bins that are used completely indoors. The third type is house made bins. The cheaper bins are made of plastic containers that use the natural ingredients like earthworms to decompose with a carbon filter that reduces the smell. While creating indoor composting bin, earthworms are used to make vermin composting. Earthworms speed up the composting process by introducing additional nutrients into the compost. Mostly red worms are used in the vermi composting process.

We can ensure cleaner environment by using the kitchen composters and it is beneficial to the plants and garden at home.

The decomposition of the organic materials such as leaves, grass clipping, fruit and vegetable scarps happens with the help of microorganisms that transform into compost and it becomes a nutrient rich soil enhancer. With more moisture by conserving the water, the composters improve the health and fertility of the soil. As this process reduces the need to purchase expensive fertilizers, it becomes economical to use the kitchen compost bins. Irrespective of the size of the home or land, composting can be done easily with the kitchen compost bins. Kitchen composting reduces the household wastes by more than 30%.

By having the kitchen composters, one need not run around to the compost heap every time for a small quantity of wastes. Kitchen wastes are valuable material and the kitchen composting solutions will start the process of decomposition in complete cleanliness and odor free environment in the kitchen itself. Kitchen composting is not expensive and it helps to fertilize the vegetables and flowers in the gardens.

How to make compost

Composting is an art. The right composting method with the best accessories can turn your field or garden a highly fertile one. You can check it out the professional guide on composting for very useful tips, cost effective composting solutions and buy the cheapest and best composting equipment here

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