Plastic compost Bins

In order to carry out the composting in a small scale level considering the space constraints, compost bins can be made from plastic storage containers. This is a very ideal way to get the finished compost in a very short time. Different types of plastic storage bins are available and the bigger bins are considered to be better suited. It should have a capacity of 18 gallons minimum with a lid so that the nutrient-filled liquid is protected. Air circulation is necessary around the compost to make the process of decomposing quicker in the plastic bins. For this plenty of holes are to be drilled in the plastic containers with one to two-inch space on all sides including the bottom and lid. To avoid rodents entering the bins, line the interior of the bin with wire mesh or cloth.

Since the plastic bins are small, they are to be placed in convenient spots like portico and balcony. If adequate space is available, then the bins can be placed just outside the kitchen door so that the kitchen scraps can be composed easily. If this is placed near the vegetable garden, then the weeds and the grass clippings can also be added to the compost.

The wastages like leaves, weeds, fruits, eggshells, tea bags put in the plastic storage composter are to be chopped into small for quicker break down due to the availability of lesser space in the containers. For proper aeration, the bins are to be shaken every day. If the contents are wet, then a bad odor will come out from the bins. To avoid this, shredded newspaper or sawdust is to be added to the bins. This will help in drying out and get the proper ratio of greens and browns for getting the compost quickly.

If the contents are dry, then water spray is to be used to moisten the contents. Also, rotten fruits and vegetables can be added to get the necessary moisture. The finished compost can be stored in a bucket for later use or immediate use. However, the material that still needs to decompose can be put back in the bin. The finished compost can also be used in container plantings.

The plastic composter bins can be used throughout the year and it is the best alternative to a large pile. Since plastic containers are homemade, it reduces waste and help the environment. Moreover, using homemade compost improves the soil quality and helps to conserve moisture.

Plastic compost bins are relatively cheaper in price and hence used by most. Mobility is the greatest advantage of plastic bins. They are easily moved from one location to another. Also mixing and turning is easier in plastic containers which help to decompose faster. The plastic compost bins are made in a dark color so as to absorb the heat from the sun. Through the access doors at the bottom, the finished compost can be moved out.

The plastic compost bins are very attractive. Due to rugged construction, they can hold the wet scraps and grass clippings without any cracks or bulging.

How to make compost

Composting is an art. The right composting method with the best accessories can turn your field or garden into a highly fertile one. You can check out the professional guide on composting for very useful tips, cost-effective composting solutions, and buy the cheapest and best composting equipment here

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