Rotating Compost Bins

Quality compost in a very short span of time is made available by rotating compost bin method. They are made in different sizes and types depending upon the needs. The salient feature of the rotating compost bin is the efficiency to turn the organic matter to quality compost quickly.

Rotating tumblers and drums are the two major types of bins. To get steady air flow, the rotating bins should have holes. This will enable the contents to get aerated for producing quality compost. The rotating action chops the contents so that the organic matter turns as compost very fast. When fine materials are added, rotating mixes up everything and creates the perfect environment for quality compost. The temperature plays a major role in rotating compost bins.

By rotating, the heat is evenly spread out inside which is vital for good compost. Rotating bins are efficient, animal proof and rodents free. The benefits of using the Rotating Bins are that they save precious space and provide healthy garden feed at a cheaper cost. This is also helpful in turning the kitchen wastes into valuable fertilizer.

Rotating compost tumblers with a capacity of 340 liters is ideal for small gardens with kitchen wastes. The 650 litres capacity rotating bins create bigger garden compost known as ‘Black Gold’. We can even put lawn cuttings and weeds into this bin and bigger batches can be made with this higher capacity bins. In order to avoid the misuse of handle and the drums, children should be kept away from the compost bins. Rotating compost tumblers are made from the recycled plastic material at a cheaper cost. As the rotating bins remain closed, the odor is kept inside without smelling up the neighborhood thereby protecting the environment. The bins should be kept in the sunny area and adding of dairy products and meat should be avoided. Other materials like vegetables, grass clippings and fruits can be added in the compost. By doing frequent stirring and aeration, the composting process is speeded up in the rotating bins.

Rotating compost bins are placed horizontally on the stands and the handles enable the bins to turn easily. With every turn, the food breaks down quickly as the heat and moisture are retained in the bin. This way it cuts down the time taken for the food scraps to turn into compost within a few weeks. Though various types of bins are available in the market, most of the times they are made by the users themselves as per their requirements.

The rotating compost bins have become very popular at present because the green wastes of the kitchen and yards are used for creating the compost at a very faster pace. By adding soft organic materials at regular intervals creates the compost of very high quality. The contents are activated at the optimum temperature and the degrading happens at the same speed. Due to the even temperature, there is no cold or hot spots thereby resulting in the breaking down of the contents quickly. The rotating compost bins are easy to use as the handles can be turned without much strength.

How to make compost

Composting is an art. The right composting method with the best accessories can turn your field or garden a highly fertile one. You can check it out the professional guide on composting for very useful tips, cost effective composting solutions and buy the cheapest and best composting equipment here

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